Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I hire an attorney?

There are people that prefer to try and handle a case on their own before consulting an attorney. However, the best practice would be to consult with an attorney before making any decision on how to proceed with your case. Investigating is critical and should be done as soon as possible to ensure that all scene evidence and witness statements are accurate and of good quality.
Insurance companies will do their best to be nice and try to settle your case directly with them. It is important that when this happens, to remember that they do not have your best interest in mind. They are simply trying to get your case settled quickly and within the intervention of attorneys so that they can get your out of the way. Contacting an attorney before talking to insurance companies will ensure you that you will be fairly and properly compensated for your injury.

Why shouldn’t I settle with the insurance company myself?

At first, the insurance adjuster contacting you will seem very considerate and helpful. They may even tell you that you don’t need an attorney. They will claim that they will work with you to resolve your case fairly. However, their job is to try and get you to settle on the smallest amount possible.
Insurance companies will be quick to offer you compensation for your first medical bills or lost wages so they can settle your case in the shortest amount of time possible and wash their hands of the incident. In this situation, you should remember these few things:
The insurance company will only settle with you one time. If you settle with them this week and go to the doctor’s office next week, it more likely than not, won’t be covered and you will not be able to be compensated for your lasting and ongoing pain and suffering.
Consider how you feel today, but also consider how you will feel tomorrow, next week, next month, next year, or even years and years to come. If you settle too early and sign anything before consulting an attorney, you may be signing away your rights to receive any additional compensation if your injuries were to become any worse or if you need any further treatment.

Is it too late to hire a personal injury lawyer for my case?

You have a right to an attorney. Generally speaking, you can hire a personal injury lawyer at any time throughout your case. However, there may are two points in the accident case settlement process where a lawyer may not have the legal ability to help you.
The first point in the settlement process where a lawyer cannot help you is after the statute of limitations has run out. For Indiana, this limit is two years. If you have waited longer than two years, it becomes nearly impossible to obtain a settlement.
The second event that may affect an attorney’s ability to help you is when you have already signed a settlement release. For most settlements, the fine print states that you are unable to take any further legal action against the insurance company or the defendant.
It never hurts to ask an attorney for help. Settling your case on your own can be confusing and it’s best to get information from an attorney that has an ample amount of knowledge and experience in your legal matters and dealt with cases like yours.

Why should I check lawyer credentials before hiring?

Lawyer credentials are crucial when it comes to looking for the very best lawyer to represent your case. A profile page on an attorney’s website can only give so much information and credibility. Doing some of your own investigative work when finding the right lawyer for you is worth it.
Researching a lawyer’s credentials along with visiting their review sites to read past client stories can help you determine if your potential choice is the right one for you. This can help you get more knowledge on the type of experience and results the attorney has. Finding a lawyer that has a good reputation with the court can be beneficial in getting the verdict that you want. Client reviews often talk about how well their case was handled both in court and behind the scenes.
Check lawyer credentials and client reviews before hiring the attorney that will help you in winning your case and solving your legal issues. If you would like to discuss Marc Lopez’s credentials to see if he would be the right fit for you and your case, give our office a call at (317) 632-3642.

Who do I file my accident case with?

Always make sure that you report the accident with your insurance company as soon as you possibly can. Your first priority is to address any necessary medical issues immediately following the accident, then file a claim with your insurance provider. If the accident was the other driver’s fault, you will have to file a claim with their insurance company first. You may need a lawyer to file these claims for you if you are seriously injured or too overwhelmed with trying to recover physically and retain your previous responsibilities prior to the accident.
If you have Personal Injury Protection coverage with your insurance company, you are most likely to receive a faster payment. With this payment, you will be able to pay for some or all of your medical expenses depending upon your limits.
If the other driver filed a claim with their insurance provider, then they will be contacting you to verify information. When this happens, you can attempt to file a claim with them. Keep in mind that whether or not the other driver’s insurance has contacted you, you should still report the accident to your own insurance company.

What if the other driver involved in my car accident is uninsured?

If our client is severely injured in a car accident that involved a driver that is not under insurance, it requires us to look at our client’s own insurance policy. If our client’s insurance policy has uninsured motorist coverage, we are forced to look to our client’s own insurance company to cover medical bills, lost wages, pain and suffering. This causes an uncomfortable feeling for clients in this situation because often times, they do not want to file a claim against their own insurance company. However, the reason for having uninsured coverage and paying premiums is exactly for circumstances such as this where you need protection from the at fault driver with no insurance.
Even when you are filing a claim with your own insurance company, it is still crucial to hire an experience personal injury lawyer to ensure you are getting the full compensation for your injury.

When should I seek medical treatment after a car accident?

Following a car accident of any kind, if you are injured, you should visit a doctor as soon as you can. If you have any doubt on how serious yours or someone else’s injury may be, it might be best to take a trip to the emergency room or your primary care physician. Remember, you know your body the best, no one else can tell you how you feel or where you need to go for treatment. Ultimately that decision lays in your hands.