About Us

Anyone that knows Marc Lopez would describe him as a very honest and down to earth attorney. He takes his job very seriously, coming into the office early to get a head start before hours and most days leaving long after all other employees have gone. But, every second spent outside of the office is with his wife and young daughter, both of whom he adores greatly. Along with the love he has for his family, he loves his job just as much. He is blessed to enjoy his career, where he is able to positively impact the lives of others.
Attorney Lopez is a former Deputy Prosecutor in Marion County and handled thousands of criminal cases, many of which went to trial, providing him with firsthand courtroom experience. During those trials, he was able to learn how to spot weaknesses in the State’s cases and how to exploit those weaknesses to benefit the defendant. He firmly believes in every individual’s constitutional rights and that every criminal defendant has the right to a fair trial. In order to do so, it requires a very hard working and dedicated attorney like Marc Lopez.
Attorney Lopez has also had years of experience as an attorney working to protect the rights of seriously injured individuals including victims of automobile accidents, employees injured on the job and people injured by someone else’s carelessness. This is a relatable matter for Attorney Lopez as his wife was injured in a serious auto accident. Attorney Lopez knows here is nothing worse than you or someone you love being injured and deserves the utmost experienced and capable attorney.