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In addition to personal injury cases, the Marc Lopez Law Firm also handles:

DUI / OVWI: Attorney Marc Lopez is Indiana’s delegate for the National College for DUI Defense. He’s been handling DUI / OVWI cases for several years and regularly takes them to trial. He attends multiple seminars every year on DUI defense, and he’s been through the same standardized field sobriety test training as police officers. Attorney Marc Lopez is highly experienced and knowledgeable in DUI / OVWI cases. Visit his DUI / OVWI website for more information.

Drug possession: Indiana law recognizes two types of drug possession—actual and constructive. Attorney Marc Lopez has experience in dealing with both types of cases, and he knows how prosecutors try to use illegally-obtained evidence against criminal defendants. He believes that everyone is innocent until proven guilty, and he’ll do everything he can to fight for your rights. Read more about drug offenses here.

Expungement: Indiana allows people convicted of certain felonies and misdemeanors to expunge their criminal record. By expunging your criminal record, you’re able to be treated as if you never committed the crime. An expunged criminal record can’t be used against you when you’re applying for a license, a permit, or most jobs. Attorney Marc Lopez understands that having a criminal record means unending punishment, even after you’ve paid your debt to society. Click here to learn more about how you can get your criminal record expunged.

Specialized Driving Privileges: Having a suspended license can keep you from getting to and from work or taking care of your kids. Attorney Marc Lopez understands that driving is a necessity for most people, especially if they have family who depends on them. If your license has been suspended, you might be eligible for Specialized Driving Privileges that will get you back on the road. Click here to learn more about driving options.

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