The Marc Lopez Law Firm is highly rated on many review platforms and clients are overwhelmingly pleased with the results they have received after hiring Attorney Lopez. We are proud to have had the opportunity to serve so many people of our community and want to give you some samples of the stories that they tell to friends, family and even total strangers because of their experience working with Marc Lopez Law. Take a look at a few of our testimonial statements from past clients below that have chosen to have the Marc Lopez Law Firm on their side. 

“[Marc] brings light to not only the clients he works for, but also all the people he works with are truly delighted just to be in his presence.”

-Dustin, July 2016

“To this day, I will get an email or a phone call and it’s Marc checking to see if I’m doing alright – very rare in today’s busy lifestyle.”

-James, July 2016

“Marc represented me in a jury trial and I couldn’t be more pleased with his performance. Absolutely recommend him to anyone in need of an attorney. Professional and effective. Demeanor with the jury was outstanding!”

-Eddie, April 2016

“Marc is awesome, he was everything I needed in an attorney. He was on my case right away and explained everything to me so I could understand and feel at ease. His communications with me were excellent and he got me the results I was looking for.”

-Arnold, January 2016

“Marc Lopez is a beast. His confidence and prowess during my initial consultation with him was superseded only by his presence in court.”

-Nik, November 2015

“He’s there with you step by step and makes sure that you are well taken care of. Very accessible if you have any questions or concerns about your case.”

-Emilio, October 2015

“He took care of my case with extreme concern, excellent communication and commitment. He always let me know where I stood and took care of everything for me the entire way. His friendly, non-pretentious demeanor made me feel comfortable from the get-go.”

-Katie, February 2015

“[Marc] and his team immediately started working on my case and was ther to answer my phone calls with any question I had and made me feel like I had nothing to worry about. He blew me away in front of the judge in the court with the vast data base and knowledge and how passionate he was about my case.”

-Martha, August 2014

“I have been in similar situations and did not get nearly the responsiveness or the results that I received working with Marc. Marc is the man. If you have an issue, do yourself a favor and hire this guy. He will not disappoint.”

-Dave, December 2013

“What [Marc] says he will do, he does. He is efficient, does not mince words and can be trusted to get the job done. I would recommend him to anyone.”

-Mike, July 2012

“[Marc] has a way of putting things and listing out scenarios that make you feel comfortable and without the jargon. He was a pleasure to work with and although I plan on never having to hire him again, I wouldn’t hesitate if I had to.”

-Matt, April 2012

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