Can you file a claim against your own insurance company? Of course you can! But why would you want to?

In many car crashes, the person who caused the collision does not have auto insurance. If someone hits you, and that person is uninsured, you need someone to pay your medical bills. This is what uninsured or underinsured motorist coverage is for.

If the person who hit you does not have insurance—or if their policy is so modest that it doesn’t cover your injuries—you’ll need to file a claim with your own insurance provider. You’ve been paying for the underinsured motorist coverage, and it’s there to help you out.

Some people get worried about this. They’re under the mistaken belief that filing a claim with their insurance company will only cause their rates to increase. If they don’t file a claim, however, they’re going to end up paying their bills out-of-pocket. Which is worse?

There’s research that says not every company automatically raises your rates, especially if you didn’t cause the crash. If your insurance company is giving you a hard time or otherwise being difficult, shop around. Insurance companies never like paying out money, but this is precisely why you have insurance.

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