There are people who prefer to handle injury cases on their own, however it is best practice to consult with a trusted personal injury attorney before making a final decision. 

One reason to hire an attorney is due to deadlines. These deadlines include statue of limitations, tort claim notices, and non-party filing deadlines. Many people do not know or understand these deadlines as they can be more complicated than what they seem to be especially if there is more than one party a claim needs to be filed against. 

Another reason to hire a personal injury attorney is to preserve evidence. Investigating early on should be done to ensure that the evidence at the scene is documented properly and witness statements are accurate. In some cases, an evidentiary presumption letter must be sent to preserve video, documents, reports, messages and more.

A big reason to consult with an attorney before handling a case on your own is because dealing with insurance companies can be complicated and not always in your best interest. Insurance companies will do their best to quickly settle your case with them and get you out of their way without the intervention of a personal injury attorney. Contacting a personal injury attorney before talking to an insurance company will ensure you that you will be fairly and properly compensated for your injury. 

Make the Right Call

That said, if someone’s negligence has resulted in your injury, you might have a claim. If you have any questions about personal injury, give us a call at 317-632-3642. Stay safe and look out for each other.