Have you ever been in a serious collision? Maybe you were wondering if you needed an Indiana injury lawyer to help you with the insurance company. Unfortunately, there are a number of lies that an insurance company will tell you to try and keep you from hiring an attorney.

Lie #1: We don’t need to get lawyers involved.

The insurance company wants you to think that because you don’t have a lawyer, the adjuster doesn’t either. But that’s simply not true. Everything the adjuster is doing or saying has been approved and strategized by the insurance company attorneys. You should definitely have your own attorney too.

Lie #2: Insurance will pay the same amount no matter what, and getting an attorney is just going to cost you money.

This isn’t true. Yes, lawyers do need to get paid, but studies show that people who are injured and hire an attorney actually get three times more in their pocket than those who don’t. Hiring a lawyer will cost money, but it is likely to net you more money in the end. Don’t let the insurance companies trick you into thinking otherwise.

Lie #3: No harm, no foul, no need for a lawyer.

While an insurance company might concede that you can hire an attorney later if you need one, they will never encourage you to get a lawyer involved. This is because as long as you don’t have legal representation, the insurance company has the advantage. They want to talk to you without a lawyer being present so that they can guide you and twist what you say to their own advantage.

Lie #4: We’re admitting fault and holding money for your medical bills.

Everything the insurance company is doing is in the interest of protecting themselves, not you. If they’re admitting fault, it’s because they know it will cost them more money to go to trial and argue otherwise. And if they’re setting money aside, it’s only for medical treatment related to the crash. This is money they would have to pay back anyway, according to the law.

Lie #5: We’re on your side.

Even coming from your own insurance company, this statement is suspicious. The reality is, if the driver who hit you is under- or uninsured, your insurance provider is going to be your opponent. They’re preparing to watch out for themselves, which may end up putting you in a worse position.

Make the Right Call

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